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When I purchased this, I assumed this early 1960s Fisonic had been converted into a 4-channel PA amp from a guitar head, so brought it to a leading Melbourne amp tech to have it restored back to its 'original' state.

However, the tech soon contacted me with the message that the amp was as it was built originally, and that furthermore it was absolutely beautifully built, with the shielded cable all being soldered in true vintage 'text-book' style to a wire frame for neatness and freedom from hum. So from that point, the task became one of simply giving the amp a thorough checkover and service.

So here we have a great-sounding 40 or 50 watt amp head, with 4 channels, and common treble and bass controls, using the classic 2 x EL-34 output into a standard 1/4" jack. The output is presently wired to the 15 (or 16) ohm tap of the output transformer, but it would be a simple matter for you or your tech to connect it to the 4 or 8 ohm taps if required.

A super-cool vintage Australian amp, quite rare in any form, but super-rare in this format. It makes a fantastic guitar head in the true minimalist 'Bassman' style, or can be used as a bass head or a 4-channel PA head. I have used this amp to extremely good effect with my 2-pickup double bass, feeding each pickup into its own channel which can then be mixed and controlled individually.

Sold to James

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