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Fernandes were one of the Japanese companies who made history (and shook up the American guitar industry) with their now-famous 'lawsuit' copies of established American models, mainly Fenders and Gibsons.

Fernandes are possibly more famous for their copies of Gibsons, mainly the Les Paul® model, under the Burny brandname - these vintage Burny guitars are now very, very collectable, and are appreciating rapidly in value as musicians and collectors alike finally realise what fantastic guitars they were (which is excalt why Fender® and Gibson® were rattled, and initiated the 'lawsuit' in the first place.

This vintage Made in Japan guitar dates from that era (and is one of the sought-after L-serial number series with a serial number of L058232 - most Fernandes guitars did not have a serial number). It is an incredibly accurate copy of a 1962 Fender® Telecaster® Custom®, arguably the prettiest Tele® model ever with its sunburst finish and double-bound body and a rosewood fretboard. The pickups from this era are also highly regarded, and this guitar is original in all respects.

The body is 2-piece in stunning light ash, and the maple neck has a rosewood cap fretboard, exactly as Fender® would have made it back in '62. The guitar is obviously a good one, because it has been played a LOT! The original frets are low, but will be able to take another dressing or two, and the rosewood board also has wear in the first three or four fret positions. It plays superbly as it is, and you can be assured I will be gigging this vintage Japanese guitar until it sells!

It comes complete with a well-worn but very healthy vintage tweed case (non-Fender - once again a copy!) which may well date from the same era.

The ultimate in Telecaster mojo for tiny fraction of the price of the guitar it replicates perfectly!

Sold to Ben

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