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Now this thing is fun! It's number 45 from a limited edition (either 250 or 500 were made, depending on what you read!), made in 1997 in Fender's Japanese factory, alongside two other special Hellecasters models.

The Will Ray Jazz-A-Caster has a gold-leaf finished Telecaster body, small-style Strat headstock, vintage-tinted, satin-finished maple neck and rosewood fretboard with white pearloid pyramid inlays. The "Hellecasters" logo is also inlaid at the twelfth fret. In addition, it boasts two specially designed Seymour Duncan reversed-wound Jazzmaster pickups for a beefier mid range and low end, plus a custom-wired, four-way pickup selector switch and concentric tone controls that allow individual settings for each pickup. What's more, the Limited Edition Will Ray Jazz-A-Caster comes equipped with a Hipshot™ B-bender, and that is a LOT of fun! The bar is inserted into the B-bender, extending out the back of the guitar, where it engages with the player's hip and can be used to flatten the B string by a full tone. Fine adjustment of the action is available with the thumb-screw, and the bar can be fitted in a variety of ways to suit any player's body and playing style.

This rare guitar comes with its original hand tag/owner's manual, warranty card, B-bender bar and Fender gig bag. I can supply a good quality plush-lined tweed hard case at cost should the buyer prefer (currently about $120AUD).

The gold leaf has discoloured under the clear lacquer in a few places, which is typical for these models, but there are no chips, scratches, belt-buckle rash or similar; this is a much-loved guitar! I doubt you'll ever find another one of these extremely rare guitars.

Sold to Simon

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