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The Telecaster Bass (or Tele Bass) from Fender is one of my favourite basses. In fact, as a dyed-in-the-wool Telecaster player, when I branched into playing bass I sought out a Tele Bass as my very first bass.

The original series introduced in 1968 was essentially a re-issue of the original Precision Bass, the 1951 model. The Telecaster Bass was, in effect, Fender's first-ever 're-issue'.

However, in February 1972, the original (series I) model of the Tele Bass gave way to the Series II, which had a thumping great Seth Lover-designed humbucking pickup to fatten the tone right up. This model ran until it was discontinued in 1979.

This example, serial number 401199, is a 1973 model. It's in great original condition, and was previously owned by a well-known Sydney bassist, with the bass having been used on many famous recordings during the '70s and '80s. I cannot divulge the player's name, but those in the know will recognise the 'smiley face' engraved in the back of the bass (see the more pictures link below).

It looks, feels and sounds sensational. Bucketloads of bottom end, and the coolest looks on the planet. The original finish has some playing wear and chips, and has been stained red in a couple of spots from its previous original case (these cases were renowned for leaching their colour!).

The bass is supplied in a later but authentic-looking tweed case.

Sold to Russell

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