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Here is a really cool early '70s vintage Fender Telecaster - the twin-humbucker Deluxe version, in original factory Walnut (sometimes called Mocha) finish.

The popularity of heavy rock in the late 1960s led Fender to re-think its strategy of exclusively using single-coil pickups, as they were not perceived as being suitable for the thick sound and extended sustain favoured by heavy rock guitarists using humbuckers. The Deluxe, originally conceived as the top-of-the-line model in the Telecaster series, was launched in January 1973.

The Deluxe is rare amongst Telecasters in that the neck has a large headstock - the same 21-fret neck was used by Fender Stratocaster models manufactured in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. The neck also features the "Micro-Tilt" angle adjustment device located in the heel of the neck, similar to other Fender models of the period. The body shape was similar to other Telecaster models of the era, with one minor difference - a "belly cut" contour similar to that featured on all Stratocasters was added to the back of the guitar.

The Deluxe features 2 Seth Lover-designed Wide Range humbuckers with 12 "Cunife" (Copper/Nickel/Ferrite) magnets in the place of pole-pieces. This design yielded a brighter and clearer sound more similar to that of single coil pickups. They were wound with approximately 6,800 turns of copper wire, yielding a DC resistance of approximately 10.6 kOhms (compared to a standard Gibson P.A.F. humbucker typical DC resistance of 9 kOhms).

The "humbucker" Telecasters failed to draw potential customers away from competition like Gibson's Les Paul® model, and the original Telecaster Deluxe was discontinued in 1981.

This one is from 1973, the first year of production. Serial number is 518355. It is all original and in great condition. Pots, pickups and neck all date from 1973 (early 1973), and the guitar is totally original, right down to the last screw and solder joint. One of the pickup screws is missing, something not uncommon with 4-screw mounting, as one invariably is loose and simply vibrates out! However, the guitar still has its original 'ashtray' bridge cover, still sitting in the correct-era plush-lined black tolex hardshell case! Check out the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below.

Frets are quite worn, but have been recently dressed and will last for many years of solid playing yet. There are a few marks here and there as you would expect in a guitar that is over thirty five years old but the neck is clean and straight and the guitar plays very well. The guitar weighs in at bang on 3.7 kilograms, or a nice comfortable 8.1 pounds.

Sold to Matt

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