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Want that true vintage Fender reverb sound, but your vintage amp doesn't have reverb? That's exactly why Fender invented these units back in 1963!

This is a rare edition made in the USA in November 1995 (according to the 'FK' date code on the tube chart), which differs from the more recent reissue '63 Reverb units in that it has a tweed cabinet, with 1950's style covering, grille and name plate. I personally think these look a lot better than the '63' version, even if they are less historically accurate! (Fender introduced the Reverb Unit in 1963, hence the PR263 code for the circuit)

This unit is in virtually mint, as-new condition, and would suit the fussiest owner. The original 7025, 12AX7 and 6V6 valves are still in place, along with the beautiful Accutronics spring tank.

Dimensions are 48cm(W) x 27cm(H) x 19cm(D), and weight is just 7.5kg. Shipped weight and sizes will be higher due to packing.

Sold to Phillip

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