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Looking for the ultimate in amplifier street cred? Or simply a superb vintage tone generator? Or even a great investment? This 1951 Fender Pro Amp is all three rolled into one.

This is a 5A5 model, with serial number 2372, speaker code 220140 (40th week of 1951), and pot codes all read 304117 (17th week of 1951).

Introduced as the "Professional" back in 1946 and simplified to "Pro" shortly thereafter, the amp was next up from the Deluxe in Fender's lineup. This 1951 TV-front Pro features a superb 15" Jensen F15N Field Coil speaker with its original cone, a pair of 6L6's in the power section, 6SC7 preamp tubes, and a 5U4 Rectifier.

The control panel is as simple as they get, with just one tone and two volume controls - but they go to 12! Eat your heart out Spinal Tap! There are two 'instrument' and two 'mic' inputs to choose from.

The amp sounds fantastic, and has been professionally serviced just before I purchased it. The 110 volt AC power cord has been replaced with a safer earthed lead with a grounded plug (the amp runs on its original 110volt AC power, so I will throw in a suitable transformer if the buyer requires it!)

This vintage Fender amp is beautifully original, with original transformers, switch, knobs, pots, resistors, etc. Power caps have been replaced recently with high-grade USA-made replacements.

The original tweed covering has seen some gigs in its 57 years (see the photos in the 'more pictures' link below), and the grill cloth and baffle are original. On the bottom of the amp's interior is a label from the original dealer, Edfred's Music Store in Akron, Ohio. Just underneath it is a repair or service label dated April 16, 1953. The amp comes with a non-original but genuine Fender vinyl cover.

Sold to Bill

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