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Now here is something special.

It's a Fender Japan Precision Bass PBAC-950FL, a model only made in the early 1990s, and only available by special order - i.e they were not stocked as a normal stock item. This was the top model available, and there was also a Maple-top version (PBAC-110FL) available as a cheaper alternative.

Body is hollow 2 piece Mahogany with solid Spruce top with vintage white binding. Neck is Maple with slab Rosewood fingerboard.

Pick ups are 1) an active Lace Sensor in the usual Precision Bass position, plus 2) an active piezo pickup built into the bridge saddle! The rearmost knob controls the mix of the two pickups (from straight acoustic to straight electric), the next knob is the active tone with central neutral click position, and the front knob is the volume control.

Weight is just 3.52kg(7.6lbs). Condition is extremely close to mint, with only barely visible imperfections preventing it being termed totally mint. It does, however, present as new. It has been a treasured possession all its life and is in faultless condition.

This bass sounds as beautiful as it looks - warm tone with great clarity. You can get the most incredibly warm double bass type sounds with the fretless neck and the piezo pickup, or you can dial in the Lace Sensor for straight-ahead, powerful vintage P-bass sounds.

A truly amazing bass, and truly unique. I doubt you will never find another!

Sold to Peter

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