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This Sonic Blue Precision Bass is extremely '60s in character, being light and resonant. It weighs only 3.9kg!

It sounds fantastic. The first time I gigged this bass every member of the band with which I play every week commented on its warm and punchy tone, and several members of the audience did the same! This happened several times, so I dismantled the bass to find out what the pickups were - no other '70s bass sounded quite as good as this one. Check out the 'more pictures' link to see the reason! 1966 pickups, one dated 23rd October 1966, and the other 25th October 1966!!

The glorious neck with original frets in the rosewood fretboard no doubt also contributes considerably to this tone. It's also extremely playable, with dream action and balance, not to mention the 3.9 kilo weight, quite remarkable for a '70s P-bass.

The body is original (either '66 or '71!) as is evidenced by the lack of an open routing or channel between the pickup cavity and control panel cavity - the wires are threaded through a blind hole drilled between the two. Later bodies all have an open 'channel' for the wires to be placed in - the pickguard then 'covers' the channel.

The bass was professionally refinished many years ago in Sonic Blue, and has been lovingly looked after since. The blue has yellowed nicely over the years to a more greenish tinge - the original blue is still evident under the pick guard. There are some slight wear and minor markings, just enough to give the instrument some real vibe. The replacement white-black-white 3-ply scratchplate was fitted at the time of the refinish, and does not have the holes for the "thumb-rest" which was never used in any case - it was on the wrong side! The screw holes in the body were filled at this time, as were the holes for the bridge and pickup covers. The filled holes can be seen with careful inspection in the right light, so would be easy to re-instate should the owner wish to do so.

The prices of these early '70s basses are starting to go through the roof, following the lead of the '60s instruments. Thie will doubtless prove a great investment as well as the best player you could imagine. Those '66 pickups are absolutely awesome - a bass for life!

Serial number is 302213, making it a '71.

Comes with a non-original hard shell case.

Sold to Byron Luiters - it's now long been his favourite gigging and recording bass!

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