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Here's a very playable and very affordable pre-L 1962 vintage Fender Jaguar. It is from the first year of Jaguar production, and is particularly noteworthy and rare in that it has a slab Rosewood (Brazilian, of course!) fretboard, which changed during 1962 to the 'veneer' type. Slab-board Jaguars are extremely rare!

This vintage Fender has been professionally refinished in Shoreline Gold, a particularly attractive custom colour that suits the Jaguar well. The body (original, according to the last owner, the last dealer, and the Melbourne dealer who undertook the refinish work quite some years back) is in Ash, not the more usual Alder, which means the original finish was almost certainly Blond. Only blonde Jaguars had the Ash body.

While the Ash body gives the guitar more weight than your usual pre-L Jag (it weighs 3.9kg, or 8.6 pounds), it also makes it extremely resonant and 'powerful' in its sound - a real Rock'n'Roll machine!

The Brazilian Rosewood slab fretboard has been refretted at some stage with jumbo frets, which adds to the Rock'n'Roll credentials. One of the tuners (top 'E') has been replaced, although it takes a very close inspection to see it. Likewise, it can be seen on close inspection that the guitar must have had later (possibly 'F' style) tuners at some stage, before the originals were re-fitted (see the detailed shot of the back of the headstock in the 'more pictures' link below). Neck date is April 62, and the serial number on the neckplate is 75878. There is even the original decal on the back of the headstock of the dealer that originally sold the guitar way back in 1962, Nicholsons in Sydney!

Pickups were replaced a long time ago with Seymour Duncan Jaguar pickups, and some of the electricals (a potentiometer, jack socket, and possibly a few other items) have been replaced with good quality replacements. I have taken several photographs of the internals and the body routs for the knowledgable and the eagle-eyed out there! Just follow the 'more pictures' link below. The tremolo arm is almost certainly also a replacement.

The guitar comes with a genuine Fender black tolex case (made in the USA by G&G). Remember that the Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars needed their own specific case, larger than the Strat/Tele case, but smaller than the bass cases! This guitar would have come with an Australian-made Stamford case when new, which has no doubt long ago gone to that big case dumping ground in the sky.

This is an ideal opportunity to get on the ground floor with a genuinely-dated pre-L vintage Fender. If this guitar had its original finish and fittings, it would be many times more expensive!


Sold to Craig - click here to read the amazing story of this sale!

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