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Here we have a delightful and extremely affordable pre-L vintage Fender which won't cause you to mortgage the house!

These 'student' models are superb, with their Alder body and Maple neck with slab Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. This one dates from 1960, with a serial number of 53333, pencilled neck date of 9-60 (September 1960), and pot codes of 1376036 (CTS pots 36th week 1960). Even the case is the original Sydney-made Stamford case, meaning the guitar was sold new in Australia, and is not a recent import. The previous owner owned and played this guitar for 25 years, and it has been a much-played guitar! You can always tell the good vintage guitars - they get played!

This thing sounds amazing. And it's amazingly light too, weighing just 2.75kg, or 6 pounds. The vintage tonewoods are the reason for this great tone and light weight, something that can never be replicated in a re-issue instrument.

If this was a Strat, Tele or Fender bass, the price would be 10 to 20 times more. Get yourself into the collectable vintage Fender investment market at the ground floor, and enjoy an instrument that's full of the tone, playability and coolness that makes playing vintage Fenders so enjoyable.

Sold to Alan

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