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Serial number of SE901244 indicates that this Fender (USA) Stratocaster guitar is from the Signature Series, made at the Corona Plant (Fender), USA in 1989. The Eric Clapton signature on the headstock, the powerful (original) Fender gold Lace Sensor pickups and the delicious '50s vintage 'V' neck profile make it obvious that it's an original Eric Clapton signature series Strat. The Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster guitar was the first signature model Fender ever produced.

Colour is Torino Red, and the Maple neck has worn beautifully from playing, leaving a smooth, woody feel.

With this model the second knob controls the TBX (master) circuit, while the third controls the 25db active mid-boost circuit. This is a Strat that will blow any humbucker-equipped guitar into the weeds, I kid you not! Yet, with the active controls dialled back, the gets the most beautiful bell-like Stratocaster tones you coul wish for. These guitars are very, very adaptable, and can be used for almost any style or sound. They aren't the favourite on-stage guitar of Pete Townshend (The Who) for nothing!

These late '80s signature series USA Fenders are a great, affordable way to get a great-playing, great sounding but increasingly collectable 'vintage' guitar. This one is totally original, and is ageing nicely with some oxidisation of the metal parts, yellowing of the plastics and with a super-cool tweed case which has seen some action, but is still very functional. The guitar has been loved as much as it's been played, so the body is in remarkably good condition.

Sold to Malcolm in Channel Islands UK

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