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In 1981 Fender introduced a new line of 'student' guitars to replace the outgoing Mustangs and Musicmasters. The first versions (1981-82) were loosely Telecaster-based, with two pickups, Tele style headstock and a softened Tele outline body. The Fender Bullet had in interesting one-piece stamped metal scratchplate/tailpiece, on which ran six individually adjustable saddles.

They had two single-coil pickups (fully sealed with no visible pole pieces) and a three-way selector switch. There were only two colours offered; Red and Cream.

This is an incredibly original and untouched red example, with a very rare black-painted guard/tailpiece and matching black pickups and knobs. Quite early in production, Bullets switched to white-painted guards (and white pickups and knobs), but this is a rare and very early black guard. Serial number is E105262.

By 1984, production of Bullets had switched to Japan, and then subsequently to other locations, and these guitars bear no resemblance or have anything in common with the original series.

This museum piece comes in the original molded Fender USA hard case, and even has the original untouched warranty card, inspection tag and owner's manual still in the case. It's in 'under the bed' condition, showing the tiniest of wear marks on the 2nd fret, bit other than that no signs of ever having been played. The tiniest bit of surface corrosion on the plated metal parts on the case and the Kluson tuners, and some ageing of the finish of the scratchplate/tailpiece are the only indications that it's not 1981!

Definitely one for the collector, or for the player who wants something totally different!

Sold to Jayson in the USA

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