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These are very, very rare guitars, with only about 700 ever made by Fender between 1961 and 1975. I have owned this for a long time, and am only selling it very reluctantly.

Neck date on this instrument is May of '67 (and it's a narrow 'A' neck), but the pots both date to the 16th week of 1971, which tallies with the serial number of 348708 (3xxxxx numbers ran from 1970 until 1972 in the 'F' series, and are not necessarily chronological, being randomly drawn from the bin during assembly), so I've called the instrument a 1971 model.

The bass was sold new here in Australia, and comes with its mint-condition Australian-made Stamford deluxe hard case, which bears the label of Clemens Musical Service, 165 Russell St Melbourne. Inside the pocket is the original factory inspection tag, Instruction Manual, Fender waterslide decal, tremolo arm, bridge mute, bridge cover and leather strap!

Both the original factory finish of this vintage Fender and the inside of the case are as stunning in colour as the day they were made, with no fading at all. There are just one or two tiny marks on the guitar to show that it has been handled at all in the last 36 years! This would have to be one of the best original Fender VIs on the planet.

Sold to Jason

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