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Here we have a 1987 Fender American Standard Stratocaster. This is from the first year of production of the American Standard series and has the desirable left over 1984 serial number. The 1987 Strats are regarded as some of the best around - this was the first year FMIC took over manufacture from CBS and the quality is outstanding. Please don't confuse this guitar with the watered down mid/late 90s American Standards.

The previous owner of this guitar has indicated that it used to be owned by the Yothu Yindi band. The dealer sticker on both the guitar and its original case show it was sold in Cairns, far north Queensland. I purchased it in Darwin, Northern Territory.

The guitar is in played but extremely good condition, with some minor marks and 'worming' on the original black finish, but only enough to give it some gigging street cred. The neck is unmarked, and the original frets show only the tiniest bit of wear on the first three frets - this guitar is virtually unplayed!

Weight is really nice at 3.5kg, or 7.7 pounds, and the neck is a lovely C profile. Not too thin, not too thick.

All in all a really nice made-in-the-USA Stratocaster, now more than 25 years 'vintage', and a desirable early example of the American Standard Strat that essentially saved Fender USA's bacon, and very affordable!

Sold to Nik

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