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This is one great '70s vintage Fender bass! Olympic White is one of my favourite custom colours, especially when it ages as coolly as it has on this example.

The is evidence that a Badass bridge was once fitted, with some different fading where it was once covered by the Badass. Pots are both original, dated 46th week of '78. Jack socket, pickups and wiring are all original, as are the three-ply b-w-b pickguard, knobs, neckplate, tuners, bridge plate and saddles, and black tolex hard shell case.

When the pick guard is removed, there is evidence that a slightly smaller guard was once fitted, along with a thumb rest; the thumb rest has removed some of the original paint under the pickguard.

Weight is 3.0kg (8.6 pounds), and the Alder body is wonderfully resonant. This is a great-sounding bass that also looks damn cool! Original frets show some play wear, but have decades of life left in them yet.

Serial number is S894368.

Sold to Steve

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