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Here's a great old '78 vintage Fender Jazz Bass that could tell some stories. What it doesn't have in shine and perfection it sure has in street cred!

The finish was once a dark red, as can be seen under the control plate and in the neck cavity (see the detailed pics by following the 'more pictures' link below), but is now a well-aged natural, clear finish.

The original frets need a dress, and the neck is dead straight, actually requiring a tad more relief (less truss rod tension), but I have elected to leave this for the next owner, as if they are buying a bass like this, rather than a shiny new Mexican Jazz, they will no doubt know exactly what they want their setup to be!

The bass weighs in at 5.3kg, and the previous owner advises that American Standard pickups have been fitted. Bridge has probably also been replaced, as the finish is still quite bright, and the saddle adjustment screws haven't rusted in solid!

The bass comes in an original Fender black tolex case, which shares the streed cred of the bass, with extensive oxidisation of the metalwork, a missing latch and damaged Fender logo badge.

Even though it would be a shame to separate them, if you don't need the case you can take $150 off the price.

Here's a chance for a bargain '70s Jazz Bass.

Sold to Rob

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