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Here is a '70s vintage Fender Telecaster from the revered Fullerton factory. The S8XXXXX serial numbers ran from late 1977 to late 1978 (with some notable exceptions, like a 1981 Telecaster), and this guitar has serial number S830117, with pots dated 40th week 1977, which would suggest a late 1977 manufacture date.

This Tele is a particularly good one. Finished in the popular Natural (clear) finish, the body is a rare 2-piece (most were 3) Ash body. The guitar weighs in at bang on 4kg (8.8 pounds), and is in great condition. It has been well played, but very well looked after. Even the original moulded case is in good condition, other than a missing left-hand catch (see the pictures in the 'more pictures' link below).

The guitar is dead original, which makes it a good one for the investor or collector - we all know how rapidly the prices of good '70s Fender guitars (and basses) are rising now that the '60s instruments are out of the financial reach of most of us. And it's a great player as well, with the perfect vintage Fender Tele bite and twang.

Original frets show some wear on the lower frets, and some may want to have a fret dress done, but I find it plays perfectly as-is. Frets have at least 60% of life left (after the frets are leveled and dressed - they are slightly more than that now).

A dead honest, dead gorgeous vintage Fender Telecaster. Grouse!

Sold to Graeme

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