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If you ever wanted a nicely figured Ash-bodied '70s vintage Fender P-bass in clear (natural) finish, this would have to be it. The figuring in the 2-piece Ash body is superb. It is so highly figured and 'twisted' that there is plenty of end grain on the front and rear surfaces of the body, into which the clear finish sunk appreciably when it was applied, giving quite a textured effect.

Serial number of S760382 indicates a build date in 1977, and the CTS pots also indicate 1977 manufacture (on one at least - on the other I can't read the numbers due to factory earth soldering obliterating the numbers).

Weight for an Ash-bodied 1970s Precision Bass is surprisingly good, at 4.2kg (9.3 pounds), and the bass shows very little wear. The original manual was supplied with this bass, but it did not come with a case. We will try to locate one at reasonable cost for you, or if you already have a case enjoy the saving!

I doubt this bass came out of the dark very often, as both the neck and the body are remarkably free of any discolouration from light, with the Maple neck still showing its pinkish hues, and the Ash body its relatively yellow hues. The original frets display virtually no wear, and the only wear on the neck is the usual lifting of some of the clear finish in the lower edge of the fretboard. The back of the neck has a couple of small marks from a stand or similar, and that's about it. This bass comes with a new molded HSC.

Sold to Graeme

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