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Now here is a very special item. Back in 1977, in Austin Texas, a father bought a brand new Fender Precision Bass for his son. The bass was used very lightly in bands around the district at the time, but has barely been used since - the bass, instruction books, original hang tags, manual, inspection tags and even the curly cord, simply lived in the original hard shell case, coming out to Australia when the owner migrated here.

It was from that original owner that I purchased this time capsule. It is completely original and unmolested, and in ridiculously good condition. No belt buckle rash, no wear on the frets, barely any wear marks at all on the pick guard, and pristine plating on the metal parts. The pickups date to November 1977, and all the electrics are original.

There is just one really strange mark on the back of the bass, which can just be seen in the detailed pictures in the 'more pictures' link below - see the 4th photograph down, where there is a fine, dead straight line showing in the clear finish on the upper horn. It is as though a knife blade or possibly a string has been drawn across the bass at a 45 degree angle. It can only be seen under careful inspection under the correct light, and is completely on the rear of the bass, so invisible from the front. There is also a small mett patch where it looks as though the strap may have reacted with the finish while in the case. It would probably polish out, but I have left everything exactly as it originally presented.

This truly must be about as close as you couild get to buying yourself a brand new 1977 bass.

Serial number is S756323. Weight for an Ash-bodied 1970s Precision Bass is surprisingly good, at 4.4kg (9.7 pounds), and the bass comes with the original case and all case candy, right down to the period 'Z' brand strap and curly cord. I'll also leave the instruction books with the bass - it seems a shame to split anything on this beautiful time capsule!

Sold to Graeme

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