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Every now and again, a truly stand-out instrument surfaces. They'll almost never be advertised in a classified ad or (especially!) on eBay. They'll be the instruments you hear about word-of-mouth.

Here is such an instrument.

Some time back I purchased a 1977 Dobro 66 from its original owner, which was amazing in its condition and originality, and which has since found a very appreciative new owner. That original owner has now contacted Grouse Guitars regarding a 1976 Fender Stratocaster he purchased new back in 1977, and here it is.

Normally with vintage instruments I will disassemble them to verify all details such as pot codes, neck dates, pickup dates and so on. However, in this instance there is no way I am going to subject the guitar to this treatment. The owner of 34 years has supplied all the information, and I can guarantee the authenticity of the information and the guitar.

The guitar shows some minor play wear, with some minor fret wear, a small mark here and there, a small chip on the bottom edge about 2.5cm from the bottom strap lug, and some plectrum marks, but overall, this is a freakishly good and original vintage Strat from the CBS Fullerton era!

The original strap, bridge cover, polishing cloth, warranty card, and even purchase receipt all come with this time-capsule vintage Fender Stratocaster. Of course, the original hard-shell case, in virtually mint condition, also comes with the guitar. True collector-grade big-headstock '70s Strats very rarely come up for sale.

The guitar shows some very interesting 'transition' details, especially with its black pickguard and white pickup covers and knobs. In 1975 black plastic began to replace white, for pickguard (three-layered), knobs and pickup covers. However the transition to black was slow, indeed sporadic, so some Strats from this period will, such as this one, have a black pickguard and white pickup covers and knobs. This occasional "mix and match" transition continued until well into 1977.

The guitar looks superb, plays beautifully, and sounds just like a '70s Strat should! The fussiest of players and collectors alike will be smitten by this beautiful vintage Strat. Even the weight, at 3.5kg or 7 lb and 11.45 oz is amazing for a CBS '70s Strat. A very special gem!


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