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Here's a great playing and sounding '70s vintage Fender Stratocaster in what I think is one of Fender's coolest custom colours - Olympic White.

The guitar has been played well through its life, as can be seen by the genuine wear (rather than abuse) the guitar possesses. This normally is the sign of a great guitar (the good ones get played!), and is definitely so in this instance. The body is Ash, yet the guitar weighs in at only 3.7kg (a shade over 8 pounds). I love Ash for Fenders (Teles, Strats and the basses), as it gives that great, strong, defined tone.

Serial number on the neck plate is 713913, and the neck has the code 0903-2064, pointing to a May 1976 manufacture. (the code translates as Stratocaster (09), Fretted Maple (03), 20th Week (20), 1976 (6), Thursday (4).

Most of the guitar is dead original, including the hard shell case. One or two potentiometers have been changed through the years (the soldering on the bodies makes it difficult to determine which ones are or are not original!), the bridge screws and maybe a few of the pick guard screws are not original, the strap lugs have been replaced and the tuners were long ago changed for Schallers. A guitarist by the name of Ray must have been one of the original owners (probably the one who played the guitar to the extent it got the lovely patina it has today), as the name 'RAY' has been carved into the body underneath the trem springs - see the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below.

All in all a fantastic '70s Strat with lots of mojo and stage presence, and it sounds fantastic with its original staggered-pole pickups. Action and intonation is fantastic, and the original frets have not long been dressed and have plenty of life left in them.


Sold to David

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