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There's not much to say about this 1976 vintage Fender Precision Bass (P-bass) other than "Grouse!"

It's in superb condition, right down to its original Fender black tolex case and owner's handbook. There's even a period curly cord in the case pocket! Pot codes are both 1377627 (27th week of 1976) and serial number is 7653170, which is also present underneath the pickguard and on the handbook (and inside the case pocket!)

This bass is completely original and unmolested, and has hardly any play wear. A couple of minor chips on the body, and the 'ashtray' pickup and bridge covers have long gone west, and that's it. The bass has always lived in its case, as the sunburst is remarkably unfaded, as is the Maple neck. Even when we lifted the pickguard to check originality, there is NO fade mark at all! The first fret shows the tiniest amount of wear, but none of the other frets show any sign of ever being played at all. 100% life left!

Weight is 3.8kg, or 8.4 pounds, not bad at all for an Ash-bodied '70s vintage Fender bass.

So if you're looking for a super low-mileage '70s Fender P-bass for gigging or as an investment, this one is very hard to go past!

Sold to Graeme

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