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No need to introduce the Fender Precision Bass (or P-bass). It's the sound of popular music from the early '50s until now, and continues to be the most popular bass on the planet. I wonder if Leo Fender really understood the way his fretted (hence 'precision') bass would change the sound of music forever.

Anyhow, here's a delightful, low-mileage mid '70s example in its original factory custom Fiesta Red finish. This bass spent most of the last 20 years sitting in a wardrobe, so is in totally original and barely worn condition. Heaps of life left on the original frets. There is some cool playing wear on the neck including some lifting of the clear finish on the fretboard (see the detailed photographs on the 'more pictures' link below), as well as some minor chips and wear to the beautiful original Fiesta Red finish, but overall this bass is in very, very good condition.

And it ain't one of those '70s boat anchors either. No need for a trip to the chiropractor after gigging this one, which weighs in nicely at bang on 4.5 kg, which is less than 10 pounds.

Beautifully aged, beautifully original, beautifully red, and beautifully affordable! Comes in an original Stamford (Australian) bass case which I suspect may be older than the bass, and is just as cool!

Sold to Billy

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