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Here is a very original Fender Twin Reverb, dating from 1975. Serial number is B05240, and the original Utah speakers show a production date of mid 1975 (26th week).

Nothing has been molested on this amp - it is simply a great example of just how nice these master-volume 100 watt Silverface amps can sound. Play a good Telecaster through this amp, and you can't put it down for hours! Nothing sounds like a healthy Twin reverb, with that unmistakeable tremolo and deep, lush reverb.

The amplifier has been owned for the past 20 years by a mature gentleman who has only given the amp light home use, and the condition can only be described as amazing.

Trem works great, reverb works great, and the original footswitch and castors are present. Original tolex and silver faceplate show only the lightest of scuffs and marks - it's in very good original condition. The knobs are all original.

The amp has had a matching quad of Sovtek output valves fitted at some stage, and it works absolutely perfectly, with extremely low noise levels. It is very rarely that such an original and healthy mid '70s Fender Twin Reverb presents itself, and I am certain this amp will sell very quickly.

Sold to Bob

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