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This is an extremely original and unmolested example of the venerable 100watt silverface Fender Twin amplifier, dating from 1973, before the 'pull master volume' era.

Speakers are the original Oxford units with original cones, with numbers 465 303 and 465 302 indicating manufacturing dates (of the speakers) in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of 1973, so one could safely assume the amp is very early '73. Serial number is A 54423

Grouse Guitars' tech of choice checked the amp over thoroughly, and replaced three preamp valves, a power capacitor, and repaired the reverb, but we elected to leave the 4 original Fender-branded 6L6GC output valves in place. They were, in Ross' words, "worn but just in ball park", but simply sound fantastic! I'm gigging this amp, and it's powerful without being ridiculous, while having the sort of tone I think most of us have forgotten - these Fender Twins sound unbelievably nice when original and unmolested like this, and it's getting near impossible to find them in this condition.

Sold to Rob

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