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Here is a beautiful little bass for the small-handed bassist or the guitarist who also wants to dabble in bass. The Fender Musicmaster Bass was produced between 1971 and 1981, and features a very short 30" scale, the shortest of any bass produced by Fender. The Musicmaster Bass is a simpler version of the Mustang Bass. Much like a Stratocaster, all of the Musicmaster's electronics are mounted onto the pickguard.

The Musicmaster Bass used many surplus parts from other Fender models. The bodies were leftover Fender Mustang Bass bodies, while the pickups were six-pole guitar pickups, rather than four-pole bass pickups.

The early examples were produced in either black, red or white finish, and are distinguishable by their small headstock logo, lack of a serial number on the headstock, and small, triangular tuning keys. This is a stunning and extremely original example of an early build Musicmaster Bass, with its original red finish and all original electronics and fittings. It would have been sold new in Australia, rather than being a recent import, as the original Aussie-made Stamford case (also in great condition) is still with the bass. Inside one of the pockets is the original Owner's Manual! Serial number is 316671, the pots date to the 16th week of 1971, and the neck is dated April '71.

Pots, pickup, tuners, and bridge are all original - see the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below. The original frets in the gorgeous Rosewood board have plenty of life left in them. The original scratchplate has shrunk slightly and the lower corner has broken off, which is quite usual.

All in all a really lovely, early-build short-scale Fender bass that is very playable as well as collectable. This little bass weighs in at just 3.5kg (7.7 pounds), and has a lovely acoustic resonance to it unplugged which is always the sign of a good, playable electric. Plugged in it sounds great too!


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