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The Telecaster Bass (or Tele Bass) from Fender is probably my favourite Fender bass model. In fact, as a dyed-in-the-wool Telecaster player, when I first branched into playing bass I sought out a Tele Bass as my very first bass. The original series - introduced in 1968 and produced until 1971 - was essentially a re-issue of the original Precision Bass, the 1951 model. The Telecaster Bass was, in effect, Fender's first-ever 're-issue'.

This is a beautiful example dating from March 1969. The 'Mar 69' stamp is clearly visible on the end of the neck (see the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below), and the serial number of 253375 backs this up. Pots both date to the 23rd week of 1967.

This bass is absolutely standard and unmolested. The pickup and bridge covers have clearly always been in place, evidenced by the lack of fading under the mounting points and the playing wear concentrated by where the player's fingers rested on the body between the two covers.

This is a seriously cool bass! Also check out the 1970 Tele Bass we have in stock!

The body displays all-over checking to the original finish, as well as numerous dings and worn spots, all of which show clearly on the detailed photos in the 'more pictures' link, but has been a well-played but cared-for bass. The case is an earlier '60s non-logo Fender tolex case. The bass weighs in at 4.2kg, or 9.26 pounds.

An interesting article on the Telecaster Bass can be seen on the Fender website here.

Sold to Billy

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