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Here is a truly GROUSE '60s Tele. Telecasters with Bigsbys are about my favourite guitar of all time, and playing this one shows just why. In fact, even just looking at it shows just why!

This 1969 vintage Fender Telecaster had a Bigsby fitted very early in its life - possibly even a factory modification - as the original blonde finish on the Ash body is as unyellowed under the Bigsby and the special (correct) bridge as it is under the original scratchplate and control plate. See the detailed photos of the disassembled guitar in the 'more pictures' link below.

The pickups are original - with the bridge pickup being the proper staggered-pole, grey-bottom type - and sound fantastic! The guitar has original frets and plays well with no fret buzz and a nice low action. The neck is dead straight with minimal wear, while the body displays some finish checking, minor dings, and some play wear. Just the right amount to give the guitar that lovely vintage patina, but without showing any signs of abuse. A guitar that's been played, not a show-pony! The scratchplate is the original 3-ply, which has the correct mother-of-toilet-seat bottom layer, and is shrinking just as a late '60s pickguard should! As usual the ends at the bottom edge have broken away as the shrinkage pulls at the screws.

Neck date is August 1969, serial number is 272105, and the original pots date to the 34th week of 1966. There is also a smudged original date stamp on the body underneath the pickguard, which shows '69. All these can be seen in the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below.

This vintage Fender Tele comes in its original hardshell case (OHSC). It is a very collectable vintage Fender, and being a genuine 1960s example will no doubt prove to be an extremely good investment. However, a guitar this good deserves to be played - it sounds amazing through any amp I've put it through here at Grouse Guitars, and plays like butter!

Weight is really nice for an Ash-bodied Telecaster at 3.6 kilos (7.9 pounds), and that's with the Bigsby!

Sold to Bill

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