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Here's a much-loved and much-played L-series 1965 vintage Fender Jazzmaster, which is no show-pony, but plays and sounds fantastic while also being a great investment. Serial number is L61471, which dates to January 1965.

Pots are original, and all wiring, switches, pickups and other electricals are also original. Tone pot is a Stackpole, dated 50th week of 1964, and Volume pot is a CTS, dated 19th week of 1964. Neck butt shows a Jan 1965 marking, and the neck is a 'B' neck, of medium width.

The pickguard has been replaced with a new genuine Fender USA item - the original guard is included inside the case. The previous owner had drilled a hole in the original pickguard adjacent to the pickup selector (no idea why, as nothing has ever been fitted). He had also filed the guard back slightly where it contacted the neck pickup's rear edge, as can be seen in the detailed pictures in the 'more pictures' link below. I assume that the usual shrinkage of the 4-ply tortoiseshell guard was pinching on the pickup, and may have been causing a rattle or some feedback.

The original wiring etc is still taped with the original tape to the correct position on the aluminium shield under the pickguard.

The original floating bridge is still in place, but with replacement correct height-adjustable saddles with the correct 'threaded' pattern replacing the rusted originals. There is a detailed picture in the 'more pictures' link below. The tremolo is also a later replacement genuine Fender USA item, and its two-piece plastic end has not yellowed to the extent of the original plastic.

The guitar sounds absolutely incredible. Obviously the previous owners also loved the way it sounded, as this guitar has been played a lot! Frets and the beaut Brazilian Rosewood fretboard show quite a bit of wear, and would need a good dress to bring them back to spec. The guitar does, however, play extremely well as-is.

This vintage L-series Fender comes with a brand new plush-lined black tolex hard shell case of the correct dimensions. There are two myths surrounding Jazzmaster cases - one is that the Jazzmaster will fit into a Strat/Tele case (wrong!), and the other that they came with Fender bass cases (also wrong - they float around inside the too-large case).

sold to Fabian

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