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I have always thought Leo Fender's original designs his best, which puts his Telecaster guitar and original '51 Precision Bass at the top of my list for Fender guitars and basses respectively. My desert island guitar and bass, if you like!

I have loved the original (series I) Telecaster Basses issued between 1968 and 1971 as they were Fender's first re-issue (without being marketed as such), and they quite faithfully recreated the original 1951 Precision Bass, right down to the reverse-geared tuners!

It was Fender Japan that finally re-issued the 1951 P-bass as a faithful reproduction from 1994 until very recently, and they have rapidly become collectable in their own right. The re-issue was was subsequently joined by slightly revised counterparts in the forms of the Mike Dirnt and Sting Precision Bass models. Production of the '51 Precision Bass re-issue has apparently recently ceased, which will further increase their desirability. This example, with its serial number of R060631, was made in the 2002-2006 period. It's impossible with Japanese-made Fenders to date any more accurately than that.

The bass has had just one previous owner, who hardly played the instrument at all. It presents in virtually as-new condition, with only the tiniest of marks here and there. The photos show some marks which look like scratches, but are simply greasy finger marks - I forgot to wipe the body with a cloth before the photography session! Check out all the photos in the 'more pictures' link below.

This thing plays and sounds fantastic, and weighs 4.5kg, or 9.92 pounds. It's a LOT more affordable than a real 1951 Precision, or even than an original series I Telecaster Bass! This bass comes with a Fender Japan gig bag.

Sold to Geof

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