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This is a stunning-looking and sounding Fender Jazz Bass, hand-picked by my man-on-the-ground in Japan when I operated a specialist website in addition to Grouse Guitars, at (and With my major cancer diagnosis in late 2008, and subsequent operations and chemotherapy, I decided to lighten the load and close down the Japanese part of my business, despite my enthusiasm for the best of Japanese (MIJ) instruments, especially the products of Fender Japan. The web domains, by the way, are available for sale.

This is the sole instrument that has remained from that time. I have not listed it for the years I have owned it, but have gigged it many times, as I like a high-ish action on basses, and it sounds amazingly good. The problem, you see, is a truss rod that tightens to the end of its adjustment, but seems to have no effect. Therefore I don't think it's broken, or it would simply fail to tighten, and would turn endlessly, yet this one comes to a definite stop. The thread's too short? A washer needed under the nut? Whatever the issue, this bass is being sold at a give-away price, well below cost.

This Fender Jazz Bass has what must be the most gorgeously-grained Ash bodies I've ever seen (2-piece, not 3-piece), and is in stunning condition. Just check out the 'more pictures' link below. There is some very minor worming of the back (and it is VERY minor!), and the frets show almost no wear from new. The pickups are awesome - this bass really sounds good! The bass weighs in at 4.8kg, or 10.6 pounds.

There is no case with this bass, but it will come securely boxed.

Sold to Martin

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