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Here's a bargain 1980s vintage Aussie 15" bass bin.

It's an Etone model 468 15" bass loudspeaker, enclosed in an Electro Voice TL style plywood cabinet. The impedance is 8 ohms, and power handling is in the vicinity of 200 watts RMS.

The cabinet is not carpeted. The original and previous owner purchased this speaker in 1988 from The Bass Player in Sydney. It was gigged quite a few times, and was a very faithful unit. I have also gigged it a few times to test it, and it's a great speaker! For a solid, high-powered bass bin it's also surprisingly light, weighing 25.25 kg. Dimensions are 49cm(W) x 43cm(D) x 60cm(H). Shipped dimensions and weights may be slightly higher.

It will come with the connecting cable, which has a 6.5mm jack plug on one end, and a female Cannon on the other. The box has flush metal handles on each side, for easier lugging.

Sold to Jake

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