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There ain't no substitute for cubes.

When you hear this 48kg monster, which measures 115cm x 64cm x 36cm, you'd have to agree. Loaded with the two original 8-ohm 15" CTS speakers, this bass bin would handle an easy 100 watts or so, and its efficiency guarantees you'll be hearing and feeling the results!

This bass bin just goes to show that the vintage Aussie manufacturers sure could keep up with the big boys from overseas.

You can pay for this bin with the money saved on gym membership, because you'll get damn fit lugging this around.

I can wire this cabinet for either 4 or 16 ohm use before shipping to its new owner - just let me know your preference.

I have just discovered that the top CTS makes a slight rattle when playing a bass note loud, so am now selling as a Do-It-Yourself special - either have the speaker reconed, or replace with another speaker.

Sold to Tony

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