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This vintage Melbourne-made Eminar is probably the earliest Eminar item I've ever come across; note the original grille cloth which is identical to that used by Goldentone at the time!

It has the most beautiful original Celestion 18" (yes, EIGHTEEN INCH!) driver I've ever seen. Never re-coned, never thrashed. In fact, I'd assume never gigged - the whole cabinet and speaker condition points to home use only.

It is rated at 65 watts and has an impedance of 16 ohms - a perfect match for many valve heads. I've used this cabinet for bass, where it is superb (paired with my Vase Bassman 120 and my double bass it's perfect), but also for guitar! I love 15" speakers with Fender Telecasters, and this 18" unit simply digs even deeper into that lovely tonal characteristic. Twang with bottom end!


Sold to Tony

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