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Here is a monster 1976 vintage Aussie 100 watt (4 x 6L6GC) valve amp with original matching quad box, loaded with 4 Aussie-made Etone 12-inch speakers. The amp has two channels, one basic (with just volume, treble and bass controls) and one with treble, middle, bass, and then tremolo speed and depth controls. Tremolo can be switched in and out by a switch on the fascia, or by plugging in a standard footswitch. A great feature is the pulsing light next to the Tremolo controls which shows the speed of the trem without having to hear it. Why can't all amps have that??!!

The amp is fully point-to-point hand wired, just like the most expensive boutique amps today, and has phenomenal power and output transformers.

I've decided to offer this amp initially as an unrestored example at a bargain price, simply because it sounds so good and works so well as-is! The four 6L6 output valves are all old, and are all from various manufacturers, but they sound great. They also would be at less than peak operating efficiency, meaning you can actually use this amp into its sweet spot without causing your ears to bleed, but it nevertheless goes damn LOUD!

If the buyer prefers, I can have the amp fully serviced with new output valves, caps etc etc by a leading Melbourne amp tech at cost, or you can simply snap up a vintage Aussie tone monster at a bargain price and use it as-is, or have it serviced at your leisure.

The head measures 64cm(W) x 28cm(D) x 22cm(H) and weighs 16kg, while the quad box measures 72cm(W) x 30cm(D) x 78cm(H) and weighs 33kg.

Sold to Tony

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