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Now here is a very interesting little amp. Everything about this amp screams Goldentone. The cabinet, the tolex, the gold edging, the grille cloth, knobs, fascia, and even the circuit.

So it's a Goldentone, right? No! It's an Electravox! If ever here was evidence that Aussie amp manufacturers made amps for other brands as well, this has to be it!

The chassis seems to be the same as that used on the Goldentone 'suitcase' amp, and uses just one 6GW8 valve for a surprisingly gutsy and toneful single-ended few class-A watts into the original 8-inch Alnico MSP "Hi-Flux" speaker.

Lovely condition, and dead original right down to the knobs!

The amp measures 44cm(H) x 41cm(W) x 16.5cm(D) and weighs 7kg.

Sold to Martin

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