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This is a rare bit of gear from the 1970s - a Simms-Watts Echo Dek tape echo, which normally uses a Sony RE-4 endless tape cartridge. These tape cartridges are now impossible to obtain, so we're selling this vintage tape echo unit at a giveaway price. If you have a Sony RE-4 cartridge, it will simply fit in as usual, or you may well be able to fashion a suitable endless tape unit yourself.

Please note that the 'more pictures' link below shows a Sony tape loop fitted, so you can see what the cartridge looks like (we borrowed it from our very rare Roland RE-200 for the photograph session!)

At the same time we were able to test the heads and electronics, and the unit sounds fantastic, in the usual lo-fi way that tape echos do like nothing on earth. There are three playback heads (three different delay periods) which can be selected in and out in any combination, as well as controls for the volume of the 'wet' vs 'dry' signals and the number of repeats.

Simms-Watts were a British manufacturer of amps and PA equipment, but I am quite certain that this unit is Japanese-made and marketed by Simms-Watts..

This vintage 'Echo Dek' tape echo is completely usable (with a suitable tape unit) as well as being a very cool collectible.

Sold to Llara

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