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Diason is one of those 'mystery' brands of Australian vintage valve amplifiers, but the general consensus is that they are, in effect, Goldentone amplifiers - made in Melbourne - under a different brandname. See Roly Roper's excellent website here to read more about Diason, especially the contributions by the very knowledgable Ken Palethorpe (who has purchased some stunning vintage Matons from Grouse Guitars).

This is a 'tallboy' model, made in 1973. The 73119 code at the bottom of the cabinet indicates either a production date of 9th November or 19th January in 1973 (the numbers read backwards in day, month, year order, but Diason didn't use the 0 digit to keep the code consistently to a 6-digit YYMMDD which would have been helpful!

As is common with vintage Australian amps, the venerable 6GW8 (ECL86) triode/pentode valve was used as the output in push/pull class AB1, giving around about 10 watts. These valves sound great, as owners of the many amps with these valves will attest! A third 6GW8 is used in this amp for the reverb send and retrieve functions.

The amp has both a valve-driven spring reverb (more on the cheesy side than lush, with the rather small spring tank) and a great tremolo, with good depth and speed control.

All this valve tone is then fed into the original 15 ohm 12" Alnico MSP Hi-Flux speaker, and the result is very nice! Grouse tone, a decent volume (absolutely perfect for the home studio or even for small gigs), and plenty of vintage vibe.

The amp is in great condition, having just been fully serviced, with new can type multisection filter capacitor and other components as required, and ready to rock for another 36 years!

The amp measures 70cm(H) x 48cm(W) x 31cm(D) and weighs 17kg. Shipped dimensions and weight will be slightly higher due to packaging.

Sold to Martin

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