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Here's a super-cool re-issue Danelectro 'longhorn' Guitarlin (so called as it could be used as a guitar or a 'mandolin' - if a capo is fitted at the 12th fret the guitar still has a full octave and a half if your fingers are small or dextrous enough!). It's in superb, virtually unplayed condition.Attention Link Wray fans!

Danelectro no longer offers the guitarlin, and used examples are very hard to find. Vintage models are pretty much unobtainable and command a hefty price, but this reissue brings all of that cool Dano vibe at an affordable price. The hollow body is made of Masonite, while the Maple neck features a 31-fret Rosewood fingerboard. Dual lipstick tube pickups deliver the trademark Danelectro tone. Sealed Gotoh tuners and the fully adjustable Dano bridge keep everything stable and in-tune.

It's impossible to accurately date these reissues, which began being produced in the late 1990s, after the brand had lapsed in 1969. I have checked under the inspection plate and in the neck pocket, but there is simply no indication. The pots are uncoded. However, from the darkening of the neck compared to the unfaded wood in the neck pocket, it is clear the instrument has a few years under its belt, so I'm taking a stab in the dark and saying year 2000.

The guitar comes complete with a special CNB hard shell case which has a compartment underneath the guitar to hold leads etc.

Sold to Chris

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