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The most famous Tape-Echo Unit in Britain, and possibly in the World, the Copicat also happens to be the first repeat-echo machine manufactured as one compact unit. It was designed by Charlie Watkins in 1958, apparently after he heard a similar sound effect generated by two linked studio quality tape recorders for the Italian singer Marino Marini. Following its introduction, the tape-echo sound revolutionised pop music during the late 1950's and early 1960's, being behind the guitar sound of the top British bands including The Shadows. It also served a secondary purpose after being adopted for providing echo on vocals - the two volume controls acted as a rudimentary microphone mixer.

I can not say whether this unit works, as I have no tape loops to try it. However, it powers up fine, the motor runs smoothly, and the electronics all look great. The heads also look remarkably unworn. The tension arm normally carries a permanent magnet which acts as the 'erase' head, but the magnet is not present in its slot. This would be an easy repair.

Controls on the face are as follows - three pushbuttons for "Halo", "Echo" and "Repet" (which I assume should read "Repeat"!), and four rotary knobs labelled "Swell", "Reverb", "Gain One" and "Gain Two".

Sold to Bob

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