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Here is a very interesting and original Coltone amplifier, made in Japan in the early 1960s. It sports a very smart (!) PURPLE tolex! ColTone was the name given to a range of Japanese guitars and amplifiers imported into Australia - I have not yet discovered where the name originated, or who the importer was. (see update below)

This MIJ vintage amp sounds amazingly good with its two original 6" horseshoe Alnico magnet speakers. It has just come back from a full service and restoration with a leading Melbourne amp tech, including a new transformer for the reverb. The amp has both tremolo (the only control is for the speed or frequency!) and reverb (amazingly good-sounding valve-driven spring reverb), and would rate about 8 watts or so from the two original NEC-branded pentode output valves.

This amp is being sold at less than cost (often the case with Grouse Guitars amplifiers, as I have a standing order with the techs I use to do ANYTHING required to bring an amp up to full spec, regardless of cost).

Dimensions are 50cm(W) x 40cm(H) x 19cm(D) and the amp weighs in at 10.5 kilos. Not quite in Marshall stack territory! Shipped dimensions and weight will be slightly higher due to packaging.

Many thanks to Jeremy, who contacted me to say "that Coltone is almost certainly a Teisco brand, the styling layout ,metalwork and hardware is identical plus they made a Coltone guitar one of their myriad of brand names."

Sold to Matt

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