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Another vintage Fender Bassman. Another totally original and beautiful-sounding vintage tube bass amplifier. And a very rare one at that, with the 'export' model of the famous Bassman being quite thin on the ground. The export model predated the "Bassman 50", and was sold, obviously, in 'export' markets with the higher 220 - 250 volt mains supplies.vintage Fender Bassman amp

This very original Bassman would have been sold new in Australia. It dates from probably 1971, being early 'blue fleck' silverface, but still (and this is the important bit!) sporting the revered 'blackface' AB165 circuitry.

Yes, blackface tone, but at a silverface price.

Original right down to the 2 x 15 speakers. Super cool. Grouse tone. Buy, use and enjoy, and watch its value grow!

Sold to Brent

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