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This thing is amazing. Made in 1977, but presents as new, right down to its original case. This is a MINT 1977 Aria Pro II RB700N lefthanded copy of a Rickenbacker® 4001S, which the astute reader will realise was the model used by Paul McCartney in The Beatles. He was presented with the first Rickenbacker® 4001S off the production line, and it was, of course, left-handed just like this one!

The 4001S was a stripped back version of the 4001 bass - some would say in better taste! Rather than the huge triangular position markers, the S had pearloid dots, and the body did not have the edge binding of the 4001. Electrics, timbers, and everything else were all the same.

This 1977 vintage Aria Pro II bass dates from the height of the Japanese lawsuit era, and is a stunningly accurate copy of the Rickenbacker® original it mimics. And not just in looks! Playability and tone are exactly the same too - you will be amazed. Weight is 4.2kg (9.2 pounds).

This example is in time-capsule museum condition, and comes in the original black tolex plush-lined left-hand hardshell case which is also in mint condition.


Sold to Neil

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