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I traded this near-new in a lovely plush-lined Epiphone hardcase back early in 2009, but it's time to let someone else have some fun with it.

No chain-saw/banjo jokes now. I'm being serious. The Aria SB-100G is a great instrument, effectively a banjo with a 6-string guitar neck, meaning guitarists can actually play the damn thing! A lot of fun. Especially out on the front porch, with your faithful dog beside you, wearing your favourite beat-up get the picture.

In pretty-well unmarked condition. I had this standing most of the time on a stand in my hallway; the instrument is surprisingly beautiful, and always provides a conversation-starter.

Mahogany Neck, 19 Frets, Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge, Chrome Machine Heads, Mahogany Resonator, Remo Head.

Sold to Marty

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