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A rare and beautiful vintage 'lawsuit' era Made-in-Japan Aria copy of the classic Hofner "Beatle Bass". Production date seems to be late 60s (see email below, plus the original hard-shell case with its yellow - yes, yellow! - plush lining point to a '60s instrument).

It's in ridiculously good condition. Totally complete, right down to its string damper which clicks in and out of position as though it just left the factory. Truly in unplayed condition. Some minor scuffs on the headstock extreme (see the detailed pics by following the 'more pictures' link below) and a tiny mark or two on the back of the bass (even being used as a display piece takes its toll over 40 years!) are all the 'faults' that can be identified with careful scrutiny.

This Violin Bass plays and sounds superb with its flat-wound strings giving a really vintage sound. The scale length is 30 inches, making it a short-scale bass, ideal for guitarists who don't want to make the jump to 34 inches, or those with small hands. Collectors with enormous hands will no doubt also be smitten by this bass!


We received a great email from Alfie, a rock&roll bassist from Uruguay (click here to see his band's website) which he was happy for us to print here for your information;

"It was great to discover another ARIA VIOLIN BASS. I just bought one last May from E-bay: same color but not in such a good condition. From what I have found out, the model is 1420B and they were manufactured between 1968 and 1970. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay, and if I had not had to spend quite a lot of money on my ARIA VIOLA BASS, I would consider purchasing yours. I have been a pro rock musician for more than 20 years and this is by far the best sounding and more comfortable bass I have ever had (better than Hofner and Fender ones), so it would be great to have a back up sometime in the future. Anyway, good luck with it! The bass deserves the best owner! Take care."

Sold to Geof

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