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Here we have a lovely old G&L L1000 fretless bass. The L1000 was the first bass Leo designed when he founded G&L, and represents a further evolution of the legendary Musicman Stingray bass.G&L logo

The bass is purely passive, but a fantastic range of tones are selectable by the original red toggle switch on the control plate, which select various combinations of the special 8-pole pickup.

The neck date is March 16 1984, and body date is Jan 18 1982, placing it right in the desirable Leo era (Leo Fender himself worked at G&L between the time he founded the company with George Fullerton in the late 1970s until his death in 1991). Serial number of B008821 is in its correct location for the era, on the bridge casting.

The body is Mahogany, which gives great tone, sustain and pure bass 'authority', and the Maple neck has a Ebony fingerboard that is simply divine to play on. The body is factory-finished in a natural clear finish, which shows up the dark Mahogany beautifully.

This has been a much-loved and cared-for bass. I have just fitted a brand new set of my favourite flat-wounds - Austrian-made Thomastik Jazz strings (.043 to .100 gauge) - and the bass plays and sounds as good as it looks!

It comes in its original Fender-style tolex hard case, and will provide decades of grouse bass tones and lovely playability to its next lucky owner.

A true vintage Leo Fender bargain.

Sold to Matt

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