This Mercedes is a 'barn find' which has recently been awoken from a long hiatus in a dusty shed in central Victoria, Australia. It is quite a striking example of the W201 'Baby Benz' 190E, with its Lorinser body kit, 16x8 wheels and steering wheel (front spoiler is Kamei) and lowered suspension making the most of its 5-speed manual transmission.

I was able to track down a previous owner, who indicated that the car was put together by Allan Moffat's racing team, (in the Allan Moffat workshops at 711 Malvern Rd, Toorak, Melbourne) and that it was "the first or early at least model (of Mercedes) used around Bathurst from memory". I am trying to research this further, but the workshops were closed in 2015, sold to developers, and a new block of flats is presently on the site. I am presently trying to contact Allan to see if he can back up the claim.

After a major clean, it is now being slowly recommissioned, with various hoses and other perishables being replaced along with the driver's door (damaged when extracting it from a very tight and awkward position in the shed), and all coolant, fuel, and lubricants being drained, flushed and replaced. Some minor paintwork rectification and rebuilding of siezed brake calipers should see this lovely car back in full use again. The engine and drivetrain are now running extremely well.


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