1981 (S123) Mercedes Benz 280TE with AMG upgrades

Back in 2009 I purchased an ex-UK 280TE which had a full AMG body kit, AMG Penta alloy wheels, AMG leather-bound steering wheel and its original AMG leatherette glovebox folder. As I expected (with the car's British past) the body was extensively rusted, so I stripped the car to a shell, carefully storing the parts until I found a suitable S123 (W123) wagon body shell to transfer everything to.

A year or two later I purchased a 1981 280TE with good history, in good condition, and in one of my favourite W123 colours, China Blue.

Many other projects intervened, but in 2017 I have finally begun the process of giving the 1981 China Blue 280TE the AMG treatment. I will update this page as progress is made (I have four projects being juggled at the moment) with further photographs.


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