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Want a Grouse Guitars item, but haven't quite got the cash right now?

No worries! Grouse Guitars offers a 'hold' or 'lay-by' option that is used by many customers. And it's very simple; a minimum 10% deposit holds the item for one month. As soon as you make the payment, the item is shown as 'on hold' on the website, with your name and the amount paid. You can then pay the rest of the balance either with one final payment or up to nine further instalments, as long as you maintain the level at a minimum of 10% per payment at an interval of no greater than one month between payments. Therefore, an item will take a maximum of 10 months to fully pay off, if you pay the minimum 10% payments at the maximum monthly interval.

As soon as the item is paid for in full, plus any shipping charges, the item is marked as 'sold', and it's shipped immediately to you.

If you happen to change your mind, or default on the minimum payment amount, payments made can be treated in two ways - the choice is yours.

1) The payments may be used in full and at any time in the next 12 months towards any other outright (non-lay-by) purchase from Grouse Guitars.

2) While we think option 1 is more fair than the usual policy regarding cancelled lay-by purchases (which is the retention of 20% of the full purchase price), if you do not wish to purchase another item within 12 months, we are happy to adopt normal procedure, and refund any payments in excess of 20% of the item purchase price.

You can't go wrong!